We began our trip to Europe this summer in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. We spent a good three days in the city, and it was just as amazing as you’d expect it to be: clean, calm and modern. It has elements of the old, with its historic infrastructure architecture, but also the “glamorous,” with high-end shopping streets, restaurants and hotels, as well as the the modern, in its simple colors and general comfort of life.
The city is scattered with cobblestone streets, pots of pink and purple flowers and rows of pastel, postcard-worthy buildings. It’s a very calm and welcoming place and easy to walk around, which you wouldn’t expect from a touristic area. As a “cycling city,” almost everyone gets around on bikes. The sidewalks are filled ten-feet deep with stacked bicycles, which says a lot about the eco-friendliness we know of Northern Europeans to have.
The stereotype of Scandinavia is that it is a peaceful place where the people are happy and content, and Copenhagen confirmed that.¬†Generally, even in places where the standard of living is good, crime is low, etc. there is still a disconnection that comes from looking completely different from the locals (read: me, Asian, them, shockingly white). I don’t recall feeling out of place, ever; no person servicing me ever made me feel uncomfortable; and I don’t remember feeling weird because of stares. I cannot speak for anybody else, but my experience here really was perfect.
This is one of my favorite photos from my entire summer. It captures the constant movement and chill pace of life Scandinavians seem to have.
Copenhagen (and a lot of other cities) have this great bike rental system. You can rent one of these bikes and they charge you for however long you ride, but you do it all on your own without the hassle of waiting in line or talking to someone at a desk. They have stations around the city with a row of these white bikes, and on each is a little screen where you can create an account and enter your information. You can take it anywhere and when you’re done you just return it to any rack! We definitely wanted to use it, but it was late when we discovered it and the sign-up process took a little long.






What you’d imagine any stereotypical Danish or Northern European family to look like, blond hair, high shorts, sneakers and little color.


My cute mom!



Belgian waffle with strawberries on top.